of the

Olmec Toltec Nation

with Thaayrohyadi

by Celeste Allegrea Adams

At the Shaman Gathering in Big Bear, California, I had the opportunity to meet Thaayrohyadi, from the Olmec Toltec nation in Mexico. He was eager to speak about his efforts to preserve the traditions of his people, with the hope that this information would be put out into the world, for the benefit of all.

The indigenous people have knowledge that can help people live in a sacred way and guide humanity in building pathways to peace. Although most indigenous communities believe that we are living in a time of transition and great change, where catastrophes like war, pollution and genocide have already begun, Thaayrohyadi explains that we can work together to begin the process of healing.

In one of the ceremonies that he performed at the gathering, he delivered the prophecies of his people in Spanish. I have transcribed and lightly edited the English translation of Thaayrohyadi’s prophecies.

The Prophecies

The first vision: The sound of 8,000 drums sounding together, from all parts of the world, is the start of a new humankind and the healing of Mother Earth. This prophecy is complete. This ceremony took place in Mexico on March 21, 2004, at the Otomi Ceremonial Center. The number eight, in 8,000 drums, represents infinity—the eternal return.

The ceremony of the 8,000 drums will be celebrated every two years, until we reach 2012, at this ceremonial center in the mountains of Mexico, also Europe, Africa, and Asia. The purpose is to bring the rains and the yellow flowers, for the trees to sing and the birds to dance. The heart has to beat as the drum; the whole universe is like a great drum. When the drum ceases to play, it will be the return to darkness.

The high frequency of 8,000 sacred drums created a great energy in the earth and opened an energy vortex that spread all around the world. It generates light that creates peace and awakens the consciousness of the people. We are crossing a bridge into a new cycle, which will strengthen peace, Mother Earth and humanity.

The second vision is in the dream of the ancients, who saw 52 pairs of snakes, spitting fire out of their mouth. In the center, there was a large fire that reached the clouds. The ancient ancestors were guarding the ceremony from there. They were recovering the solar calendar, and the calendar of the thirteen moons.

The third vision
is for people to gather in places that are geologically unstable and ill, like contaminated rivers and polluted rivers. We must place sacred crystals at these sites, and do healing ceremonies with fire, for four days and four nights.

The fourth vision is of the sacred children. Some of these boys and girls have already been born—others are being born. One of them is in our land and there are more in other native villages. They bring the messages of the first humanity and are the messengers of Mother Earth, of life, and of peace. They can perform healings even with their eyes closed. They have been given a very strong light from Great Spirit, from Great Mystery, and from out Mother Earth. So with the guidance of the elders, they’re travelling and transmitting these messages for the healing of humanity.

The fifth vision is the birth of the ceremonial centers. Not all of them are pyramids. We also need to return to sacred places in nature—like sacred waterfalls and rivers. These places will be the home of knowledge and there will be cosmic healing centers at these sites.

The sixth vision is the prophecy of the eagle and the condor. There will be unity among all the people of the north and the south: Not just indigenous people of the north and the south, but throughout our planet. The bear spirit shall be present along with the buffalo, the quetzal, the deer, the moose, the jaguar—all the traditions with sacred animals. The sacred plants and birds will also be present.

The seventh vision is of the crystal heads. Many thousands of years ago, when our ancestors were giants, they carved these great heads and placed them at different places in the earth. Some of them were stone heads, also known as Olmec heads. They also made thirteen skulls of crystal. When they are brought together, a hologram is created. This way you can read the memory of time and space and you can discover the formula to heal humanity and bring harmony to the cosmos.

The eighth vision is of the yellow flowers. When I had a vision about this, about 13 years ago, I dreamt that I was in a desert, where there was no water. I took a hoe and started to open up the earth. As I was advancing, carving the earth, the desert was becoming green and lush. Yellow flowers appeared everywhere. I did a ceremony on Shoshone land in Bishop and the elders told the people that it was a rain ceremony: Yellow flowers appeared all over the land. Our mission is to go to the desert and do ceremony and bring back the yellow flowers. Out of these deserts—whether they are in Arizona, Africa, or Mexico—yellow flowers will spring forth as well as water.

The ninth vision is the resurgence of the first languages of the first humanity; languages that have been around since the creation of the world. Our ancestors are working to renew the ancient languages of the Atlanteans and Lemurians. The languages of the ancient Olmec, Toltec, and Teotihuacanos are one of the first languages of humanity. These ancestral languages hold the key to healing and transformation.

The tenth prophecy is that the elders will return to caves, grottos and to all places of power, to reactivate and make sacred these places. The religious authorities, in the past, told us that these caves were places of the devil. Some of our people still believe that these dark places have no light, no power, and no medicine, but these places never lost their power and light.

The eleventh vision
is for the young people to return to the mother mountain and to return to the root of the sacred tree. They will return from the mountains with these ancestral powers and gifts.

The twelfth vision is that the Sleeping Woman must give birth. It’s all about respecting women as mothers, daughters, and partners. We can’t heal our humanity if we don’t first heal this relationship to women.

The last vision is about the Rainbow Bridge of 2012. There’s a planetary alignment in 2012, a stellar alignment, and this is written in the sacred stone that dates back thousands of years. So many people believe it is the end of the world and of time, and are in fear and don’t know what to do. Something must be done for 2012. Our ancestors say that we have to cross this bridge and continue on the journey—not just stay at the year 2012. Humanity will either cross this bridge or fall. Many of the elders are doing work so that we may cross that rainbow successfully.

The ceremony ended with Thaayrohyadi leading the group in an unforgettable creation song that he explains was sung by the first humans. It is a song that he sang several times during the gathering, and one which is included in his CD, "Sacred Songs of the Otomi Olmec."

The Indigenous University

In an effort to preserve the ancient traditions of his people, Thaayrohyadi heads an Indigenous University, which was proposed 30 years ago as a vision of the elders. They had a dream that people would have a great house where wisdom would be shared. In 1980, the center was built, with the participation of 100,000 people. Thaayrohyadi explains that "we are calling to brothers and sisters, working in light, to support this project." The school is open for indigenous and native people, also for people from around the world.

There are four areas of study available at the Indigenous University: 1. Traditional Medicine. Workshops are offered in cosmic healing, shamanic medicine, traditional massage. The medicine of sound includes sounds of instruments, animals, plants, water, fire, and wind songs. Courses in stone therapy, medicinal plants, the medicine of sweat lodges, of song and dance, and drums and dreams. 2. Languages. Otomi (Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan) Nahuatl (Aztec) and other languages. 3. Indigenous Rights. People can study indigenous issues, international treaties, and native rights. 4. Indigenous Arts. These arts include music, crafts, dance painting, literature and poetry.

Retreats are also offered for spiritual objectives and are conducted in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch. There are also pilgrimages to sacred sites including pyramids, sacred mountains, and Hot Springs. People who decide to take spiritual roles, can have initiation and sacred teachings with spiritual guides and shamans. Thaayrohyadi is devoting his efforts to establish this university in several American states, including California, Colorado, New York, and Dallas. They are urgently in need of financial assistance.


While visiting Los Angeles to offer workshops and to make further plans for establishing the indigenous university in the United States, I met with Thaayrohyadi again. The day before giving his workshop, he went back to Big Bear and met with others to pray for the healing of the land. The land was extremely dry and they heard the suffering of the trees, so they prayed for rain. Not only did it rain but there was a heavy snowstorm, that was more intense than any snowstorm in the area for half a century or more. Though Thaayrohyadi was snowed in for a couple of days when the roads were closed, and the workshop had to be cancelled, I did manage to see Thaayrohyadi before he left Los Angeles.

Thaayrohyadi looked at me with soft focus, the kind of focus that sees beyond this reality, into the eternity of a higher reality. He began to say, "Your color is…" I thought, oh no, he’s going to tell me my color and it’s not going to match what I know to be true. After having a profound and spontaneous Kundalini experience many years ago, in which I felt the descending and ascending spirals of energy running down my spine, and the spin of all my chakras, and knew only the beingness of my soul tone and color, I was reluctant to hear additional input on what that color was, or another’s interpretation and translation of the tone that left me in a most ecstatic state. It was one of the holiest and most sacred experiences of my life, one that touched all my senses and even senses that I do not have the words to define or name.

Thaayrohyadi didn’t know the English name for the color, so he pointed to the exact shade in a book that had the color on the cover. I was quiet—he had seen what I knew. He asked if I could see his color, but I said I couldn’t. He said I could, and I’m sure he’s right. Imagine if we could all clearly see the magnificence of the color and tone, and eternal spirit of all humans and creatures simply by letting go of limited ways of seeing and embracing the power and abilities that lay dormant within.

Surely our desire to harm another would diminish or disappear if we could see the divinity within all people. I understood at a deeper level, the gifts and wisdom that Thaayrohyadi and his Indigenous University had to offer in terms of opening pathways to new ways of seeing.


The Dabadi and Master Thaayrohyadi lives in Toluca, Mexico. Please visit his website to find out more about the Indigenous University

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