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With great sadness I announce that Celeste Allegrea Adams passed away on September 21, 2009. Her loving friends and family members were with her throughout her struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Kind regards, Julie Sitney (Celeste's sister).


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Celeste Allegrea Adams • Biography

• Writer •

Author of novels of Visionary Fiction, also non-fiction writer
Screenwriter: dramas, fantasy, black comedy
Metaphysical Journalist: 100+ published articles
Magazine Columnist: Sacred Travel Editor
Documentary Narration Writer
Story Consultant on Screenplays

Celeste Allegrea Adams traveled around the world, exploring ancient and modern mythic traditions and ritual, for the purpose of creating myths for the future. Her passion for adventure and for understanding the mythology and spirituality of people in all cultures led to lengthy travels and pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world. As a teenager she explored the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada and hitchhiked through Europe and the Near East. She visited archaeological sites in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, and the islands in the Mediterranean.

She lived in a Berber village on the Sahara Desert that was visited each week by the Tuaregs, and camped with the Bedouins along the Red Sea. While attending a saga conference in Iceland, she helped to uncover a city buried by a volcano. She also traveled through Central America, and explored archaeological sites in Mexico and Guatemala and also had the opportunity to tour Cuba. Most recently, she traveled through northern Brazil, and spent a considerable amount of time at the pilgrimage center in Abadiania, where Joao de Deus offers healings at the Casa de Dom Inacio.
As an undergraduate in NYC, she received a degree in Comparative Religion and Archaeology, then went on to study ancient languages, including ancient Greek and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. At Columbia University she studied Akkadian and was an Assistant Editor of the Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. She attended graduate school at NYU in Social Anthropology on a Title VI NDFL Fellowship, but her plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Anthropology changed when she began working on a number of NYU and Columbia University graduate student films and received a scholarship to study screenwriting at the American Film Institute.
Celeste worked as a Researcher on numerous documentaries including Helena Solberg’s Home of the Brave, about Indians of the Americas; Diane Keaton’s proposed remake of The Blue Angel; and on a series about Comics in America and The Dance Project, both for PBS.She joined the Film Editors Union IATSE Local 771 and worked in Post-Production on more than forty films, both features and documentaries, beginning as an Assistant Picture Editor, and then worked as a Sound Editor. She was hired as a Researcher by Jacques Cousteau, on a six-part series on the Amazon and also worked as Assistant Picture Editor and Sound Editor on three shows in the series: Indians of the Amazon, Rivers of Gold, and Snowstorm in the Jungle. Then she worked as a Sound Editor on Al Pacino's The Local Stigmatic. She worked on numerous documentaries for PBS including The Spirit of Architecture--John Lautner, The Other Side of the Moon by Mickey Lemle, Radium City; William Carlos Williams; Global Assembly Line; Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera by Blackwood Productions, and The Brain: Learning and Memory which was part of the PBS Brain Series. She also worked on films for American Playhouse, including a three-part series, Roanoak.

During the time that she worked as an Editor and Researcher, she wrote screenplays. Celeste received the Richard Levinson Award from the American Film Institute for her screenplay, Misguided Angel, (formerly Small Town Girl). Love Is War, a bawdy, and high-spirited black comedy, was inspired by the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata and received the Geri Ashur Award in Screenwriting, given through the New York Foundation for the Arts. The Actor’s Gang performed a staged reading of this screenplay. Celeste is also Story Director on Moonsong Trilogy, which is about three women at different stages of their lives. She wrote the first script in the trilogy, Little Eartha, which was a finalist for an Aperture Grant and for a grant from AFI’s Women’s Directing Program. Celeste was awarded a residency at the Djerassi Artist’s Residency, in Woodside, California, where she worked on adapting her screenplay Keepers of the Dream into novel form, and gave readings of her work. She was also a juror at Djerassi and chose the next resident artist in the literature division. Her treatment Oaana~Dolphin Child was a finalist for the 2003 Roy W. Dean Film Grant.

She worked as Editorial Consultant for children’s programming at Saban Entertainment and has been a Script Consultant on numerous films. At Sony Studios, Celeste rewrote thousands of synopsises of films owned by Sony, in their internal data base, to be used for marketing purposes. She has also written for numerous magazines. As Travel Editor for "New Corporate Body," her column Time Off - Globe Trotting with Celeste Allegrea Adams, celebrates both sacred and profane experiences on Celeste's global trek to destinations near and far. "Join her as she takes a pilgrimage down the El Camino, luxuriates in one of North America's top health resort, firewalks across burning coals, visits a world reknown healer in a remote village in Brazil. Celeste will share with you the wisdom and inspiration gleaned from her exotic voyages, across the American continent and around the globe. These and other stories are available in Southern California's "New Corporate Body."

Her Anthology of New Millennium Articles and Interviews contains 300+ pages of interviews with dozens of people on politics, new science, spirituality, film. Some of these people include Dr. Michael Abrams on angels, Dr. Hillary Anderson on archetypes, Ratziel Bander on Hsin Tao, Laurence G. Boldt on abundance, Dannion Brinkley on near-death experiences, Lee Carroll & Kryon, Marty Cain on grid lines, Diana Cooper on angels, Wade Davis on hallucinogenic plants, Paul Devereux on sacred sites, Gangaji on freedom, Bishop Stephan A. Hoeller on ascension, Gen Kelsang Lekma on meditation, Dr. Raymond Moody on near-death experiences, Onelight on freedom, Greg Palast on media freedom, Ed and Kris Sherwood on crop circles, Rod Stryker on yoga and meditation, Dr. William Tiller on the power of intention, Karen Trueheart on spiritual emergence, and Adam Trombly on energy.

Over the past five years, Celeste produced and moderated a series of panels for the Los Angeles film organization, CineWomen, called Reshaping Images of Women in Film . The purpose of this series has been to inspire critical thinking and awareness about the influence and impact that filmmakers have in reshaping perspectives worldwide, through their craft. Inspired by the success of these panels, Celeste is currently moderating a series of panels on New Millennium Films for the Conscious Life Expo. She was the 2007 Director of the Conscious Film Festival.


Celeste directed several short videos, Gleamings, (above),which is an animated piece about the music of the spheres, A Fundraiser for the Tibetan Resettlement Project; Teatime with Florence Wakefield. She led a Director’s Laboratory for members of CineWomen and Academy Award winning cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond, was Visual Consultant.

She also consults and teaches workshops in applied mythology and in Writing visionary screenplays and fiction.

Celeste's novel is in the genre of visionary fiction. Keepers of the Dream is the mystical tale of a woman who embarks on a magical odyssey down the Mississippi River, in search of her lost daughter. It is a journey that takes her out of the depths of despair and into the heart of self-discovery where she outgrows old wounds, and transforms into the colorful Creatrix, Eartha Mae. Keepers of the Dream is a myth for the future, based on the mysteries of the past. It fuses the poetic and the political and celebrates the return of the sacred feminine, in a most surprising incarnation.

Celeste formed Creatrix Studio at the start of the new millenium. It is dedicated to the development of visionary books and films that expand the imagination and celebrate the beauty and wonder of life. Celeste is writing a new novel, a non-fiction book, and is a narration writer on documentaries. She has been commissioned to write two screenplays by Independent Producers and is also planning to walk the El Camino in the Fall.

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