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.Celeste Allegrea Adams .....•..... Credits

Writing and Research Consultant

Numerous Private and Confidential Consultations: On books and screenplays.
a.k.a. Tommy Chong: Story Consultant on a feature documentary by Josh Gilbert. Josh Gilbert's feature documentary "a/k/a Tommy Chong" is a feature documentary about comedian Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong) who spent nine months in federal prison after his house was raided by a fully armed SWAT team as a part of the nation-wide drug paraphernalia crackdown spearheaded by former Attorney General John Ashcroft code named "Operation Pipe Dreams.
Alabama Love Song: Story Consultant on a book by Mary Priscilla Riley.fsdf
The New Song: Story Consultant on a book by Andrea Arrowsmith. fsdfsdfsdfsdf
Saban Entertainment: Writing Consultant on educational guides for children's television
Bird of Paradise; Consultant on a doc about a ship that sails around the world
The Last Stand: Additional writing on environmental film about the Ballona Wetlands
American Intellectual: Screenwriting Consultant, directed by Paige Taylor
Writing Assistance: to Academy-Award winning writer, John Briley
Sony Studios: Rewrote 3,000 film synopses for Sony’s internal database
El Salvador: Script Assistance for a screenplay by Jeff Seymor, founder of the Gnu Theater
Amazon Series: Research on a six-part series on the Amazon, by Jacques Cousteau
The Dance Project: Research on a six-part series for PBS
Comics in America: Research on a documentary series for PBS. Produced by Tony Silvers
The Blue Angel: Research for a screenplay on a proposed feature film, for Diane Keaton
Home of the Brave: Research on a documentary on Indians, by Helena Solberg

Award-Winning Screenplays - (Partial listing of screenplays)

Oaana~Dolphin Child: This treatment for a feature screenplay was a top finalist for the 2003 Roy W. Dean Grant.

Keepers of the Dream: This feature screenplay is the mystical tale of a woman who embarks on a magical odyssey down the Mississippi River, in search of her lost daughter. It is a journey that takes her out of the depths of despair and into the heart of self-discovery where she outgrows old wounds, and transforms into the colorful Creatrix, Eartha Mae. Celeste was a writer in residence at the Djerassi Artist's Residency, where she worked on this screenplay.


Moonsong Trilogy: Story Creator / Treatment / Writer of Little Eartha. This trilogy explores the lives of three generations of women. The first story in the Trilogy is Little Eartha, about a 16-year-old girl in Oregon, who learns to distinguish between compassion and self-sacrifice; the second story is about her mother, a choreographer living in LA; the third story is about Little Eartha's Grandmother, who rediscovers the meaning of love. Celeste was a finalist for production grants from AFI’s Women’s Directing Program and Aperture.


Misguided Angel: Two men pursue the same woman in an explosive love triangle, set in a small impoverished American town. Recipient of the American Film Institute’s Richard Levinson Award based on this screenplay.


Love is War: A camp, outrageous, high-spirited, black comedy about the women of Wickatunk who separate themselves from the men when strife breaks out in their town. Celeste wrote and directed A Teatime Conversation, a two person conversation between characters from Love Is War. Recipient of the Geri Ashur Award in Screenwriting, given through the New York Foundation for the Arts, based on this screenplay.*****

Directing Laboratory

Celeste led a Directing Laboratory between 1994 - 1995 at Cinewomen. Participants directed a series of scenes that tell the story of three women who struggle to explore their lives in the office of Jungian analyst, Juliette Trudeau. Academy Award winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond was visual consultant for this project. Actors included Nadine Kaday as Juliette and Jeanie Van Dam.


Group Therapy For the 1995 Directing Laboratory noted above

Tibetan Resettlement Project: A short video about Tibetans who resettled in Los Angeles, California

Teatime with Florence Wakefield: A two person performance piece, using characters ..from "Love is War"

Gleamings: An animated short based on Celeste's drawings of the Music of the Spheres

Keepers of the Dream: A myth for the future, based on the mysteries of the past. It fuses the poetic and the political as it celebrates the return of the sacred feminine, in an original and memorable incarnation. A finalist in the Book Division of the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival and also a 2005 finalist for a Roy W. Dean Grant.
An Anthology of New Millennium Metaphysical Articles and Interviews: A collection of articles and interviews with luminaries in the field of metaphysics, coming in 2005.
Alphabet of Peace: A children's book to be available in Fall 2007 / Winter 2008
Becoming a Creatrix: A non-fiction book available in Winter 2008
Current Magazine Columns
New corporate Body: Travel Editor with column that focuses on travels to the finest health spas, natural wonders and exotic locations. Circulates in Southern California. Publisher: Sonia Barrett.


A Partial LIsting of Published Articles and Interviews

From Warrior to Magician: Entering the Realm of the Miraculous

On Angels and Ascension, with Diana Cooper

The Gnostic Perspective on Personal Ascension, with Stephan A. Hoeller

Decoding the Meaning of Crop Circles, with Ed & Kris Sherwood

Life After Death, with Raymond Moody, M.D

Conversing with Angels on Death and the Divine, with Dr. Michael Abrams

Dannion Brinkley on Being Saved by the Light

Compassion in Action: Volunteers Serving the Needs of the Terminally Ill

The Crone, with Hillary Anderson

Creative Problem-Solving through Dreams, with Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D.
Jung: A Foundation Stone for Modern-Day Dream Interpretation
A Circle of Dream Voyagers
How the Power of Intention Alters Matter, with William Tiller, PhD
The Suppression of Free Energy, with Adam Trombly
How Free is the American Media, with Greg Palast
Our Forefather’s Vision of Freedom, with Onelight
You Are Already Free, with Gangaji
Lee Carroll, Channeller of Kryon, On Meditation and the Third Language
Hsin Tao: The Way of the Enlighted Ones, with Ratziel Bander
On Buddhist Meditation, with Gen Kelsang Lekma
Yoga and Meditation, with Rod Stryker
The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, with Dr. Michael Abrams
Tuning to the Music of the Spheres: An interview with Don Estes
Healing the Planet with Sacred Sound: An interview with Jonathan Goldman
The Healing Power of Drumming
Troglodyte Dwellers: The Magic of Living in the Earth
Dome Homes
everyday gandhis with Cynthia Travis
Compassionate Listening, with Gene Knudsen Hoffman
Plants of the Gods: An interview with Wade Davis
The Spirit of Flowers: An interview with Caitlin Phillips
Co-Creating with the Devas of Findhorn
Communing with Dolphins: An interview with Ryan DeMares
Animal Families and Fatherhood, an interview with Jeffrey Masson
The Emotional Life of Animals
Finding Your Power Animal
Taking the Hero’s Journey
A Pilgrim’s Progress
Constructing New Sacred Sites Along Changing Earth Grids, with Marty Cain
In Search of the Authentic Voice of the Past, with Paul Devereux
The Spiritual Emergence Network, with Karen Trueheart
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce with Wynn Free
Laurence G. Boldt on Cultivating a Spirit of Abundance
Women’s Empowerment through Firewalking
Working Class Hero, an interview with Allison Anders for Filmmaker Magazine
State Your Terms, interviews with directors for Montage Magazine
Tibet in California - Preserving a Culture in Exile, for City Planet
Freelance Copywriting and Editing
Fredericks of Hollywood: Freelance Proofreader and copywriter
Sony Studios: Rewrote more than 3,000 film synopsis's
Artisan Entertainment: Freelance proofreader for marketing materials.
Saban Entertainment: Proofreader on guides for educators to support the weekend morning television.
Sun Integrative Health: Numerous articles on health
eSalon: Love Advice column for this online webzine
Rand: Freelance Proofreading on educational reports
Herbalife: Numerous articles on health
The Learning Tree: Freelance proofreading on catalogues in the Creative Services Department
Background in Film and Sound Editing • Partial Film Listing of credits

Picture Editor / Asst. Editor / Sound Editor / Dialogue Editor on 45 films / Formerly a member of IATSE 771

Methadone for PBS
Inside the Goldmine (Cineville)
Entangled a promo for a feature
John Lautner: The Spirit of Architecture for PBS
The Other Side of the Moon by Mickey Lemley for PBS
The Local Stigmatic feature produced by Al Pacino and starring Al Pacino
Working Girls feature by Llizzie Borden
Radium City a feature documentary by Carold Langer
William Carlos Williams PBS poetry series
Roanoak a three-part series for American Playhouse, PBS
Global Assembly Line PBS Documentary
Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera a Blackwood Production about Akhenaton & Nefertiti
The Brain: Learning and Memory for PBS's series on the brain
Jacques Cousteau's six-part Amazon Series for PBS includes:
• Snowstorm in the Jungle
• Rivers of Gold
• Shadows in the Wilderness
Polar Bear Alert National Geographic

*Moderator of Numerous Panels and Symposiums • Partial Listing of Panelists

Moderator: Celeste Adams
Henry Jaglom ("Venice, Venice" "Baby Fever" etc.)
Joan Tewkesbury - numerous films
Lizzie Borden ("Working Girls," "Love Crimes")
Drea Hoffman ("Yours for Liberty")
Lee David Zlotoff ("Spitfire Grill")
Doug Pray ("Hype")
Don Roos (writer and director)
Walter Cruttendom ("The Great Year")
Drew Herriot (Director of "The Secret")
Leila Conners Peterson (Director of "11th Hour")
David Wilcox (the forthcoming "Convergence")
Kevin Williamson ("Scream" & "Dawson Creek" etc.)
Laura Brennan ("The First Kiss")
Eric DeLaBarre ("Conversations with God")
J. R. Stewart ("Xena: Warrior Princess")
Steven Simon - ("Indigo", "What Dreams May Come")
Stephen Schwartz - Dev. at Radiant Prod.
Laura Shapiro - Independent Producer, teacher
David Welch: "Peaceful Warrior"
Paula Fouce: "Origins of Yoga"
Jay Weidner and Sharon Rose: 2012
Lisa Onodera ("Picture Bride")
Lynn Redgrave ("Georgy Girl", "Tom Jones" etc.)
Lindsay Crouse ("House of Games" etc.)
Barry Primus (wrote and directed "Mistress")
Co-founder of Women in Film: Nancy Malone
Founder of Cinewomen: Elisa Rothstein
Producer of "Women: Stories of Passion"
Founded Women Image Network: Phyllis Stuart
Laurie Hull, PhD
Judith Weston
Writers: Rachel Abramowitz
("Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?")
Victoria Ransome ("The Crone Chronicles")
Kathleen McHugh ("American Domesticity")
Pamela Jaye Smith - Mythworks
John Raatz
Film Festival:
Mikki Willis


Awards, Residencies and Fellowships

Finalist in the 2005 Roy W. Dean Grant For the novel, "Keepers of the Dream."
Finalist in the HSFF 2004, founded by Tory Jay Berger: For the novel, "Keepers of the Dream."
Top Finalist for 2003 Roy W. Dean Grant: For "Oaana~Dolphin Child"
Finalist for AFI Grant: For "Little Eartha", first part of "Moonsong Trilogy"

Finalist for Aperture Grant: For "Little Eartha", first part of "Moonsong Trilogy"

Djerassi Resident Artist's Program: Awarded a film writer’s residency for the sceenplay,"Keepers of the Dream" in Woodside, CA

Juror: In the literature division at Djerassi Artist's Residency

Vermont Studio Center: Awarded a fellowship as a writer in residence
CitiTV Production Grant: For a one-hour video, a "Fundraiser for the Tibetan Resettlement Project"
Richard Levinson Award: From the American Film Institute for "Misguided Angel"
Geri Ashur Screenwriting Award: From the NY Foundation for the Arts for "Love Is War"
Title VI NDFL Fellowship: For the graduate study of Social Anthropology at NYU

Film Education and Teaching

Workshop leader in Writing Visionary Fiction
American Film Institute: Attended their television screenwriting program.
Additional Film Cources: UCLA New Media & Web Design Project, NYU, New School, Rockport Film Workshop.
Directing Mentor: Michael Lange on three episodes of "Beverly Hills: 90210"
Other: NYU graduate student in anthropology. Title VI Fellowship. Grad. language studies at Columbia University.
B.A. in comparative religion and archaeology



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