An Anthology of New Millennium Metaphysical Articles and Interviews

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325 pages, spiral bound, 8 1/2" x 11"

By Celeste Allegrea Adams

(Cover image by Wendy Slee, 2005 Creatrix Studio Visionary Artistist Award Winner;
Cover layout by Alex Djoulakian )


Since many people have been asking for a collection of the articles and interviews that I’ve written over the past five years, I decided to bind these articles together, to make them more accessible. Most are metaphysical in orientation, a few are not.

Each person interviewed in this collection offers a unique perspective and insight into the mystery of this great universe. I’ve learned a great deal from all the remarkable people who shared their time with me and agreed to be interviewed. It is my hope that you will find this collection both informative and inspiring.

This anthology is dedicated to all vision seekers who strive to uplift humanity, so that we may step into a Golden Age of Enlightenment.

~ with love

Celeste Allegrea Adams


Metaphysical / Spirituality / New Age

This "Anthology of New Millennium Metaphysical Articles and Interviews" covers a wide range of intriguing topics: from ascension and abundance, to shamanism, water and wealth. Celeste Allegrea Adams’ articles offer profound insight into the emergence of the Creatrix and Magician archetype and a personal account of a pilgrimage to Brazil to see the healer John of God. Her interviews with luminaries in the field of metaphysics offer groundbreaking and pioneering perspectives. Many of their theories are controversial, moving beyond traditional boundaries of science and spirituality. Many offer solutions to the problems of our time through a synthesis of disparate perspectives. All of these in-depth articles are refreshingly original and rich with illuminating information. It’s a collection that you’re sure to read and reread.

Included are interviews with world-acclaimed experts and visionaries, like Raymond Moody, William Tiller, Wade Davis, Gangaji and many others on subjects like Angels and Ascension, Crop Circles, Death Dying & Aging, Interpreting Dreams, Free Energy and the Power of Intention, Freedom and the Vision of our Forefathers, Meditation and Yoga, the Conditions of Creating Miracles, Music of the Spheres, Organic Living and Troglodyte Dwellers, Communicating with Plants and Animals, the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, Sacred Sites and Changing Earth Grids, Shamanism and Prophecies, Spiritual Emergence, Ormus, and Cultivating Wealth and Abundance.

In this collection you will:

o Learn how the power of intention alters matter

o Learn how to recognize the archetype that dominates your personality

o Learn how the emerging magician archetype promises to replace the warrior

o Learn about the meaning of the crop circles

o Learn how to start your own dream circle

o Learn how to create miracles in your own life

o Learn about the vision of freedom held by those who created America’s first government

o Learn about healing the planet through sacred sound

o Learn about indigenous prophecies for the new millennium

.. •.
table of contents



From Warrior to Magician: Entering the Realm of the Miraculous

. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Angels and Ascension, with Diana Cooper


The Gnostic Perspective on Personal Ascension, with Bishop Stephan A. Hoeller

. Simple Truths, with Judith Parsons
. .



Decoding the Meaning of Crop Circles, with Ed & Kris Sherwood

. xxxxxxxxxxx

Life After Death, with Raymond Moody, M.D


Conversing with Angels on Death and the Divine, with Dr. Michael Abrams


Dannion Brinkley on Being Saved by the Light


Compassion in Action: Volunteers Serving the Needs of the Terminally Ill


The Crone, with Hillary Anderson

. xxxxxx
. Creative Problem-Solving through Dreams, with Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D.
. Jung: A Foundation Stone for Modern-Day Dream Interpretation
. A Circle of Dream Voyagers, with Connie Kaplan
. .xxxxxxxxxxxxx
. How the Power of Intention Alters Matter, with William Tiller, PhD
. The Suppression of Free Energy, with Adam Trombly
. ..
. How Free is the American Media, with Greg Palast
. Our Forefather’s Vision of Freedom, with Onelight
. You Are Already Free, with Gangaji
. xxxxxxxx
. Lee Carroll, Channeller of Kryon, On Meditation and the Third Language
. Hsin Tao: The Way of the Enlighted Ones, with Ratziel Bander
. On Buddhist Meditation, with Gen Kelsang Lekma
. Yoga and Meditation, with Rod Stryker
. xxxxxxx
. The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, with Dr. Michael Abrams
. xxxxxx
. Celestial Sounds and Soul Songs: An interview with Andrea Arrowsmith
. Living the New Song with Andrea Arrowsmith
. Tuning to the Music of the Spheres: An interview with Don Estes
. Healing the Planet with Sacred Sound: An interview with Jonathan Goldman
. The Healing Power of Drumming
. .
. Troglodyte Dwellers: The Magic of Living in the Earth
. Dome Homes
. .
. everyday gandhis: with Cynthia Travis
. Compassionate Listening: with Gene Knudsen Hoffman
. .
. Pilgrimage to Joao de Deus
. .xxxxsfdsdfxxxx
. Plants of the Gods: An interview with Wade Davis
. The Spirit of Flowers: An interview with Caitlin Phillips
. Co-Creating with the Devas of Findhorn
. Communing with Dolphins: An interview with Ryan DeMares
. Animal Families and Fatherhood, an interview with Jeffrey Masson
. The Emotional Life of Animals
. Devas and the Fountain of Youth with Ariel F. Hubbard
. Finding Your Power Animal
. .
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? with Wynn Free
. Taking the Hero’s Journey
. A Pilgrim’s Progress
. xxxxx
. Constructing New Sacred Sites Along Changing Earth Grids, with Marty Cain
. In Search of the Authentic Voice of the Past, with Paul Devereux
Cycles of Mother Earth, with Many Knives/Boe Glasschild
Prophecies of the Olmec Toltec Nation with Dadabi Thaayrohyadi
The Gathering of Shamans
.. ..
. The Spiritual Emergence Network, with Karen Trueheart
. xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx Laurence G. Boldt on Cultivating a Spirit of Abundance





I want to express my gratitude to the magazines which originally carried these articles and interviews, and I especially want to thank The Spirit of Ma’at. Please note that the articles included in this collection are the original versions, and do not include changes made by Editors of those magazines.

I am grateful to the inspired Australian artist Wendy Slee, 2005 award-winner of the Creatrix Studio New Millennium Award in Visionary Art. She is the artist extraordinaire for the series on Shamanic Lightning Dance Lessons, featured online at www.CreatrixStudio.com, written by Boe Many Knives Glasschild, with additional writing by myself, soon to be a book, produced by Creatrix Studio. Wendy snapped a photo of my face and hand at the Getty Museum, during her visit to Los Angeles, and included it her beautiful cover-photo montage. I am profoundly moved at the way she captured the spirit of my pen as a shamanic power-tool that enables me to dream, imagine, and create new worlds.

I feel most fortunate to have spent time with the visonaries whose thoughts and perspectives fill these pages. Thank you Diana Cooper, Stephan Hoeller, Judith Parsons, Ed & Kris Sherwood, Raymood Moody, Michael Abrams, Dannion Brinkley, Hillary Anderson, Connie Kaplan, Deirdre Barrett, William Tiller, Adam Trombly, Greg Palast, Gangaji, Lee Carroll, Ratizel Bander, Gen Kelsang Lekma, Rod Stryker, Andrea Arrowsmith, Johnathan Goldman, Don Estes, Joao de Deus, Wade Davis, Caitlin Phillips, Ryan DeMares, Jeffrey Masson, Wynn Free, Marty Cain, Paul Devereux, Boe Many Knives Glasschild, Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, Karen Trueheart, Barry Carter and Laurence G. Boldt. Many thanks also to Donna Strong for her interview with me.

I also want to express my deepest gratitude to my beloved friends and relatives, especially my Mother, Father, Sister, and Aunt, who continue to enrich my life through their beauty, loyalty and love. The world is rapidly changing and it is always a blessing to encounter new friends—from the Amazon, Kalahari Desert, Sahara, Baja, to the playa at Black Rock and in cyberspace—who break the matrix and hold a vision of possibility in their hearts for the future of this planet.

~ Celeste




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