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With great sadness I announce that Celeste Allegrea Adams passed away on September 21, 2009. Her loving friends and family members were with her throughout her struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Kind regards, Julie Sitney (Celeste's sister).


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Writing Services

"Celeste is more than a consultant to me, she is a mentor and a friend. I loved our first meeting. She had a deep understanding of my story and exciting ideas on how to broaden its path. Her critiques were uplifting and focused, giving me enthusiasm on continuing to refine my story. In addition, she has shown me that in my lead character’s healing, I am healing myself. I look forward to our upcoming meetings for this story and many more to come.

-- Michele Gitomer, Screenwriter "The Remedy"

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"Mark Twain once said that choosing the right word makes as much difference as fire and firefly. I use the same care in choosing a writing consultant. Celeste Adams is the only one I would choose for advice. I am almost deaf and have a gift of hearing angelic choirs and music of the spheres. Celeste's depth of perception enhances my concepts by shaping them into a more succinct form. Celeste's enthusiasm makes working with her fun. Currently, I am writing a book entitled "Living the New Song". It is my first book. Thank you, Celeste..I am in good hands with you as my guide."

• Andrea Arrowsmith, Inner Sounds of Light Institute •

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"One of the many things that's so wonderful about working with Celeste Adams is the vast filmmaking experience she brings to the very difficult and confusing process of making a documentary film. Her supportive insights and wisdom helped me find my path and kept me moving forward at a very critical point in the journey."

Josh Gilbert, Film Director & Producer
"a.k.a. Tommy Chong"


Writing narration is a skill of a high order that combines an understanding of pacing, mood, and drama. Through the use of carefully chosen words and the concise use of language, the narration should bring a film to life and guide it to its final destination.

A good narration should expand the images that we see on the screen, and add an extra dimension to them. Having a powerful narrative is like taking a museum tour with a guide who does much more than describe the obvious. Documentary narration needs to connect to the film images, but it should also add rich layers of meaning that transcend the visual information, at a pace that is in sync with the rhythm of the editing.

A documentary narration can be developed at various stages of post-production, from rough cut to final cut. Please contact me to discuss the needs of your particular project.

I specialize in screenplays that deal with themes of a mystical and metaphysical nature, and that have elements of magical and supernatural encounters. My background in visionary fiction and in mythologies of all cultures will enrich and expand the storyline, and my knowledge of cultural archetypes will add new dimensions to the characters in the screenplay. This will help to raise the story to a level that will impact a wider group of people by tapping into concerns of the 'collective unconscious.’

I look forward to discussing the possibility of writing original screenplays or adaptations; and in working as a collaborator or consultant on your film project.

My confidential consultations on novels include five areas of discussion:

1) Characters: Comments that will help you create credible and well-developed characters
2) Dialogue: Aids to finding a consistent and recognizable voice for your characters
3) Setting: Comments that will help you develop mood, tone, and historical context for your story
4) Plot Structure and Development: Comments on tightness of plot and plot points
5) Message: Comments on the ultimate meaning of the story

Please contact me for rates of initial consultation and follow-ups.

As a staff writer on a number of different magazines, I have conducted interviews with more than 100 people on all kinds of subjects. I realize that so many people are creating extraordinary films and books, but are not getting the exposure they need for their efforts. For a limited time, I am offering publicity services, at an affordable price, for companies and individuals. This includes interviews and articles that are commissioned by you, not by the magazine.
Creatrix Studio’s Weekly Writing Consultation
In addition to offering critical coverage of your writing projects, whether it is a documentary proposal, novel, screenplay, or non-fiction work, I am offering one-hour-a- week writing consultation sessions on an ongoing basis. These weekly sessions are structured to fit the need of the individual client and incorporates an imaginative pathway called "The Creatrix Method." It is:

A Celebratory Approach — As a Zen poet once said, "A person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between work and play, between labor and leisure, between love and religion. They hardly know which is which; to them, they are always doing both." The Creatrix Approach is celebratory because we believe that nothing is more exhilarating than being able to do one’s life’s work. • A Disciplined Approach — I will work with you on setting up a weekly schedule of intended goals, with reflection on the past week’s accomplishments, as well as directions for the new week. • A Kaleidoscopic Approach — You will learn techniques for shifting perspectives. This is useful for all forms of writing in that it offers an array of angles in which to approach and expand upon any subject. • A Holistic Approach —Our unique writing approach combines an awareness of maximizing energy through chakra work and breathing exercises; to loosen creative juices and to access a character’s voice and the mood of a situation. • A Mythic Approach — By connecting to archetypes and myths, your story will take on deeper dimensions and your characters will take on a richer life of their own. • Magical Tools — For those clients who enjoy a sprinkling of magic in their approach to writing, you will be given particular mantras, talismans, or visualizations that will energize the creative process.


To receive notification about upcoming writing workshops, please send an email to:


To find out about availability, it's best to contact Celeste by phone. 310 829 0877.

To contact Celeste by email, write to:

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(I no longer receive emails at:, as it is overflowing with thousands of viagra ads. If I haven't gotten back to you in the past, it's because your email got lost in all the spam, or if you used my aol email address, AOL bounced it back trying to protect me from spam. Please do not send any spam to my email address, as this has created a very serious problem for me. Dozens of people have told me that they have written, but that their emails either bounced back or weren't received, as the mailbox is overflowing with spam.

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