Frames from a few short films.

This page includes scenes from Celeste Adams's short films: 1) Gleamings 2) Scenes from Celeste's Directing Laboratory

3) A Scene from "Teatime with Florence Wakefield" 4) Scenes from "The Tibetan Resettlement Project"

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Scenes from Celeste Adams's

Short film Animation • Gleamings •

Copyright - Celeste Adams


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Celeste Adams's


Celeste Adams led a Directing Laboratory
for members of Cinewomen. Participants
directed a series of scenes that tell the story
of three women who struggle to find meaning
in their lives in the office of Jungian analyst,
Juliette Trudeau.

Kim McGuire (first discovered by David Lynch)
is a patient, Nadine Kaday is the
Jungian therapist, Susan Roether directs,
Academy-Award winning cinematographer
Vilmos Zsigmond is visual consultant.

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Jeanie Vandam and Lucia Mortato in a scene from Celeste Adams'

"Teatime with Florence Wakefield"

based on a scene from "Love is War"

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Scenes from a video about Southern California's Tibetan Resettlement Project's

Snow Leopard Naming Ceremony